Our Company

Our Company

My name is Daniel Dawson and I have been investing in real estate since 2003. I have own almost every type of multifamily real estate that is available.

I help St Louis owners of multifamily investment properties from 2 units – 2,000 units, buy and sell their property freaky fast using on-line state of the art technology, direct mail marketing and a nation wide buyers list. No one works hard and faster! No one is more experience in buying,investing and selling properties fast.

Better known as the Apartment Building Rock Star for my forward thinking, bold, aggressive, balls to the wall attitude and his massive results!

A licensed with Equity Missouri. I am a very ambitious and passionate person that is looking to not only grow my real estate investment portfolio & sales business, but also help those which are on the same path gain more knowledge from my experiences as well as making them successful using my creative real estate strategies that I use and offer to them.

I have had many successes as well as many lessons in the “School of Hard Knocks”… through these trials and errors I have witnessed first hand the power of investing in multi-family buildings… and the abundant wealth it brings to those that have the drive,systems, knowledge and team to make these investment opportunities a reality.


We present opportunities in the multi-family real estate investment realm from 2 units to 2,000 units. We are the experts in finding buildings that are not yet on the market. We also offer creative and aggressive options to sell your investment property that is leaps and bounds ahead of any other company. We love real estate investing and it shows!

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